Joining Our Squad

To arrange an assessment please contact Michael at Swimmers will be assessed during this trial and placed into a suitable squad level based on ability. 

All mini squad parents with kids in levels up to 5 are encouraged to stay at the pool while the class is in progress unless they have discussed other arangements with either the head coach Gregor Tait or the mini squad manager Michael Canham.



 Our Mini Squad Levels

Level 1

• Perform a slide in entry and exit

• Submerge in waist deep water open eyes and blow bubbles

• With assistance back float

• With assistance recover from a face down float

• Kicking on front with board for 5m with/without assistance

• Kicking on back with board for 5m with/without assistance

• Demonstrate reach and pull action with/without assistance

• Torpedo for 5m - strong kicking action

• Kicking on back unaided in a streamlined position

• Demonstrate blowing bubbles and rotating their head

• Swim straight arm freestyle for 5m - no breaths

• Swim through submerged obstacle

• Rescue skills: signal for help and be pulled to safety

• Jump into water and swim back to edge

• Float with aid for 30 seconds

Level 2

• Perform a slide in entry and exit using the edge

• Torpedo for 10m - strong kicking action

• Bubble and breathing, not holding breath

• Demonstrate correct breathing not holding breath

• Freestyle - 10m with breathing side every 2

• Backstroke 5-10m

• Rescue skills: jump into deep water and swim for 3m

• Introduction to treading water

• Answer basic questions about water safety

• Above criteria performed in 25m lap pool

Level 3

• Torpedo for 15m (streamlined position)

• Torpedo on back for 15m (streamlined position)

• Swim 15m freestyle with relaxed bent arms

• Freestyle with correct head and body position

• Freestyle with breathing every 2 strokes (L&R)

• Swim 10m backstroke. Tall, slow and controlled

• Breaststroke kick 15m with/without board on both feet turned out

Level 4

• Swim 25m freestyle using correct stroke technique

• Swim 25m backstroke using correct stroke technique

• Swim 25m breaststroke using correct stroke timing

• Demonstrate introductory dolphin kick for 15m

Level 5

• Swim freestyle 50m using correct technique

• Swim backstroke 50m using correct technique

• Swim 25m breaststroke using correct technique (glide is evident)

• Demonstrate butterfly 10m showing a strong leg action

• Swim butterfly 25m using correct technique

• Swim continuously for 100m

• Demonstrate feet first sculling on back




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