Nominating for Swim Meets


Each season our Head Coach prepares a list of competitions that will cater for our club, called the Targeted Meets.


Swimming Queensland is making concerted effort to encourage Meet Organisers to have Meet Nominations for their meets made online through the ClubLANE Online Meet Entry system (OME) that most JAMBO members should now be familiar with.

If you have not already done so, you will need to obtain the ClubLANE username and password for each swimmers wanting to nominate for meets (who must be a Dolphin, or Competitive Swimmer and must be Financial). If you do not have the username/password, please email to be sent a password reset email.

Targeted Swim Meets: This is a Coach selected meets, Head Coach or Assistant Coach will be there to assist our swimmers in warm up, pre-race plan and post-race talk to each individual swimmer. We encouraged all our swimmers to attend so that our coaches can asses your progress.

All other Swim Meets (Non-Targeted): Swimmers are allowed to nominate for meets outside the targeted meets, providing that it is showing up on our website as OEM. If it is not showing on our website, you will need to contact our Race Secretary for nominations with the full details of the external meet (including the Flyer & Nomination Form) This type of meet will be closed 3-4 days earlier. 




And remember ...

If you have any questions, please contact our Race Secretaryat


Timekeeping: JAMBO is required to provide time keepers at many of the meets we go to. If you nominate your child to swim, you will be required to do some timekeeping. Please make yourself available as requested. Nominations will not be accepted for Swimmers whose parents continually say no to timekeeping. If everyone helps only a short period of time will be required by each parents on the day.


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