Club Night

Jamboree Heights Swim Club offer club competetion every Friday in Terms 1+4.


You can nominate at Club after 5:30PM or on the TeamApp

Warm up starts at 5:30PM

Competetion starts at 6:00PM


This is where we provide races for all our swimmers from Novice through to State and National level.  It also provides swimmers with an opportunity to show their parents and coaches, newly learnt skills in a racing situation.  All races are swum in a friendly non-threatening environment.  We endeavour to organise races according to each swimmer’s level.  Boys and girls swim together for points, according to their times.  Points are awarded for swimming and improvement of personal best times (P.B’s).


Aqua Shop (Swimming Specialists)
The Butchers Block
Samarco II Restaurant
Bank Of Queensland
Awards and Trophies
CrossFit Nitro